Archive for October, 2002


Alright that was awful. I’m now an official slacker. I guess I have a somewhat good excuse, school has been keeping me busy. Life has been pretty good lately, even though very busy. I feel like I don’t ever have much time to be on my computer like I did before. Now, I get on to do my homework and update the site (usually in the morning now). I guess I just find this to be shocking, since I’m typically all about my computer. Well let’s see, anything big going on? Not really. I saw some kickass OAR shows at the Newport, and saw some other shows. Fate Hates Us has had some lineup changes but are still kicking ass. I can’t wait to see them again. I think my next show is Keller Williams. My rig has been treating me really well, I just dream for the day that I can afford a DAT. My (I mean Kraut’s) stupid MD likes to skip quite often.

That’s about it for music, as I said school is busy. Not too hard, although data encoding is rough. I’ve just been busy with “busy work” as I like to call it.

Oh yeah! We have a dog now! Duelie is his name and picking up chicks is his game. :) He is a spoiled dog, but is still in that crazy puppy stage. We bought him for $15 from some neighbors.

Ummm… that is about it for now. I’m gonna try and get back to my normal routine…