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So I am completely done with school forever! I finished up yesterday, when I turned in my last homework assignment. It still hasn’t really set in, but I enjoy not having the work to do. I guess maybe it would seem more real if I had a job lined up. Oh well, I’ll have to keep on trying.

Tickets for Mraz sold out, so that really sucks. I shouldn’t have put it off for so long, but hopefully I can find a way to get everyone in to the show. The guys who are going to Bonnaroo are coming in. I haven’t seen Weeba in a long long time, so that should be a great time. Not to mention everyone else that is coming in. Party at 223 Bosley!

This weekend is going to be nuts. Hopefully Mraz tomorrow along with getting ready for Kim’s party. Then graduation and Kim’s party on Friday. Engineering graduation on Saturday, maybe some boat trip with Kim, maybe a party thrown by my advisor, etc. Sunday is my graduation party at home. It should be a fun one!

Things with Kim are excellent. Next week she will be in Kansas City looking for a place to live. This will give us a little taste of what it is going to feel like. I think it will be fine.

That’s it for now, back to work…


School is almost over. This is getting pretty scary. I guess I really have 3 more days left. Tomorrow we have senior project demo day, where we get judged on our projects. I have a Psych test Thursday, should be easy enough. Friday, I have a database quiz. I like the term quiz and not final, so hopefully that will be easy. I think our Prof for that class is trying to take it easy, she is also our senior year advisor. Then I have like 3 or 4 programs due next week. That will be the worst part of all. It is for my pass/fail class, so I just hope I can pass the damn class.

I guess I’ll be working at ITI until mid June and then from there, I don’t have a clue. I keep sending my resume out, and sending out replies to people, but I rarely hear back on anything. I got one job that I might be able to get, but it pays in the mid 20’s. That is awful. So not much has changed in the job search.

We are trying to finalize a day for this years Pig-Fest, which is the 10th annual. Either August 9th or 16th. On the 9th OAR is playing riverbend with 311, but I will be seeing the same show a week or two before. I’m thinking I could skip this one if need be. On the 16th Fate Hates Us already has a show, so playing at the party wouldn’t work out. That is the one problem, and it all comes down to me. :)

That is really about all that has been happening. Lots of partying for the end of the year, which I’m sure will only increase once we really do graduate. Too much fun!


Pulled an all nighter last night. Our senior project was due today and we had serious work to do with that. Not too much fun, but it is about over now. My hockey game was postponed for tonight, which really sucks because I wanted to go to the bar tonight, but at 10:15 game might ruin that. The crazy thing is, I only have about a week left of school, for the rest of my life! Man, what a great feeling. I better go do homework though. It’s been pretty boring lately…


I’ve realized that this is a wonderful place for new girlfriends to get all the dirt on me. I guess I should have realized that before. Oh well, it really doesn’t bother me. Kim said she isn’t going to read this anymore, cause I guess she didn’t like to read some of the older stuff. I told her to just read the new stuff and that should make her happy. Things have been going so good for the both of us, or at least I think so. She found out that she is starting work on July 7th, which is a little earlier than I originally thought, but if we make it up to the point that she leaves, I think we’ll be fine if we both want to continue on with it. I’m not too worried about it, and I guess that is my new feelings about so many things. I’m not worried about a job, I’m not worried about school, etc. School is almost over, I guess we have like 3 more weeks. All I know is our senior project is due next week, and we still need a bunch of stuff to get done. Once again, I’m not worried. :)

Speaking of jobs, I have an interview tomorrow at Cardinal Solutions. Here is a description from their website: We are a full eBusiness service firm specializing in systems integration, web graphic design, application development, and systems and network infrastructure. Our headquarters are located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Doesn’t sound like too bad of a place. Hopefully things go okay tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Well the work day is about over. Time to finish up a few things and go to my parent’s for dinner…


Finding a job, or even looking for one really sucks. I haven’t got more than one callback, and the one that I did get is from a guy I don’t remember sending anything to. Oh well, I’m going for a group interview type of thing today, to learn about this place and what the job entails to see if I’m interested. Maybe I should get a hair cut. Hmm…

School is starting to get busier, but I still don’t want to do anything, just the minimal work to pass my computer graphics class. The others I would like to do well in, and have been getting good grades thus far. I would love to bring my GPA up to a true 3.5, but that seems like too much work.

Things with Kim are still going great, I’m looking forward to what can happen with this. I don’t want to jinx anything, but it truly is probably the best start to a relationship I’ve ever had. We’ll just have to see what happens.

I have some sweet shows coming up. It all kicks of with Big Free this Friday. Up in Columbus of course, and there are all kind of great bands playing. Then there is Jammin’ On Main with Jason Mraz and others. The next weekend is Springfest, which has the Roots and all kinds of other great bands. Wow, I’m going to be busy…

Guess I should try and do some work here. Have a good one everyone…


Well, school has not really been keeping me busy. I’ve been finding any excuse to not do work, although I’m still getting everything done. Senioritis has set in majorly. My job search, well it sucks. There is nothing out there that sounds good to me. I still have over a month, but I need to find something. :) Anyway, I haven’t been to that many shows recently, but there are a ton of them that are coming up. We have mostly been sitting on the porch or going to Murphy’s Pub a bunch. Darts and cornhole have been going non-stop. It is definitely a fun time right now.

Kate and I broke up. It was a very difficult thing to do because I’m not good with relationship type things, especially ending one. But it needed to happen, so I finally did it. I’m sure we will remain friends, it is just a weird time right now. Why is it weird?

Well I met someone new. Well I guess I have known her since we have lived her on Bosley, since she lives next door. Her name is Kim and she is a west sider, dammit! :) She is super nice and very cool, and I have been having a blast with her for the week and half we have been dating or whatever. I guess it all started on my brother’s b-day, which by the way was a very good time. I still think I got more drunk than he did, maybe that was because I was pretty buzzed when Tim and my dad showed up. We hit some bars and had some late night action outside our house and Kim’s. I guess my dad talked to her a bunch about marathons and west side crap. I ended up passing out on a chair in her apartment for the night, but the next day/night we hung out quite a bit. So far so good. The one bad thing is that she is leaving sometime after graduation to go to Kansas City for some job training. I guess she will be there for 9 months to a year. I wish I had more time to get to know her and such, but there is no point holding anything back, because it just seems so right. Oh well, I try not to worry about it, as everyone always says if it is meant to happen it will. She is in San Francisco for work shit, and I’m ready for her to come home, so we can have more and more fun!

I can’t think of anything else that has been happing. Graduation is quickly approaching. Feel free to send me whatever. :)


Last night was one of those lets get drunk even though we don’t plan on it kind of nights. Oh well, at least I only have one more class to go then I can go home and relax for awhile, before it’s time to drink again. Fun fun…


Well, slacking as always. I have just been so busy and haven’t had time for what used to be all my normal internet activities. At least I remember from time to time.

The OAR shows at Bogart’s are right around the corner, and everyone at our place is so excited, not to mention all of those who are coming in for the shows and staying with us. Hopefully we can get some noise complaints that weekend. :)

Me and the guys, minus Callsen, have decided to follow the OAR tour during our spring break. It should be a ton of fun and hopefully very economical. I think Joe Vedder will be joining us on this little tour. Watch out Windsor we are also going to be spending a day with you…

I think I have re-qualified for my scholarship and should be getting paid back for all the quarters that were missed. Thanks a ton mom!

Everything else has been going fine. School, I’m doing well and should still be on track for graduation in June. Well as long as my last quarter works out, apparently I got my schedule in the mail and one of the classes I want to take is full. WTF is that about, where is this seniority shit we always hear about. Work, well it is pretty non-existent. I have no time to get there, and thus my funds have been very limited. I always survive somehow though, much thanks to mom again though! :)

I need to start my job search. I hope to do that next week. Finalize my resume again, and then start shipping it out. Hopefully I don’t have interviews until after I decide to shave my beard. I guess that will be a deciding factor in it all.

Back to work, for the little more time that I’m here. Take care everyone…


Well this month has flown by. Basically I’ve been doing the whole school thing, not working much at all, and having fun on the weekends. I haven’t been going out during the week because my schedule is just so time consuming, unless there is a show in the area. I just saw Ordinary People’s CD release party in Columbus and it was awesome. Such a great drunk time! In addition, I’ve seen Graham Colton, Fate Hates Us, Jason Mraz, July For Kings, and maybe others all one time.

My turtles have grown. At least Liam seems to think so. It’s hard for me to tell, because I see them every day. They are so much fun though.

School is taking up too much time though. I’m on campus from 10 until 6:30 on monday and wednesday. Then 11 till 2 on tuesday and thursday with friday being 11 until 3. I do have breaks to do homework in there, but still. I definitely need to do a better job at scheduling next quarter, and I need to do it soon, since that has started already.
Scheduling for my last college quarter. That is freaky. I think I finally will have my resume all updated by the end of this week, thanks to some help from pops! In the meantime though I need to find a shit job in clifton. I just don’t want to have anything I need to commit to since who knows what next quarter will bring.

That is really all I can think of right now. Less time at work means less bored time, which leads to less updating of the journal. Sorry, but I’ll try to remember to do it more…


Another month goes by, and I get older and older. :) The only thing now is that I could possibly look like an old man now with my bald (aka shaved) head. You see, my roomies and I along with Lenny all started a bet towards the beginning of the year where we couldn’t cut our hair. If you did, you had to buy a case and the remaining “players” would drink all that beer. This would go all the way until the last person got a full case for themselves. We’ll, of course, Liam dropped out first. :) Then my hair started getting mullet like, and I was getting a little sick of it, but wanted to stay in the bet. Somehow, everyone else convinced me that if I were to bic my head, then I wouldn’t loose the bet. So we did that this past weekend in Champaign. Oh yeah speaking of Champaign, what a damn good time that was. The first night was pretty boring, but we made it fun by inventing yet another drinking game. This one was like the basketball game horse, but it involved launching beer cans across the room and into the hotel room trash can. Quite a fun game, and we even have some of it on tape. Actually we have a lot of good stuff on tape, including parts of the DMB show (the real reason we were in Champaign), along with some Hotel Cart Racing (think of jackass with the hotel baggage carts), etc. The show was really good, although no beer was sold. I got a pretty decent recording of the show, even though my seats were higher than I originally expected. Liam used Delaney’s video camera and got busted over and over. Although he did get a pretty sweet looking version of Grey Street on tape. I was a big fan of the Halloween tease, I just wish I could have heard the entire song. If anyone is into setlists like I am, check this one out.

So, it’s about Christmas time. I really need to start my shopping, but I always find better things to do. It isn’t that I don’t like to shop, I don’t like to shop around this time. Just the other week, Nick, Jessica, and I went to the mall just to eat Chick-fil-A, and there was a robbery of a jewelry store. Just what the mall needs during this time more craziness. I’ll get around to doing this sometime soon though!

School is over for the quarter. Another quarter down, and just 2 more to go. I think I did pretty good this quarter. I kicked the shit out of Symbolic Logic, and ended up getting the highest grade on the Automata final. I think those should turn out to be my best grades. Got a B in Linear Algebra and a C in Data Encoding. Only big mystery left is what we are gonna get in Senior Design. I hope it is good enough for me to get like a solid 3.2 or something. I’ll just have to wait and see. Now that school is about over, I guess I should start looking for jobs. The only thing is, I really don’t know what I want to do. Do I want to stay here in Cincinnati, or go elsewhere? Should I try out something like web design, or stick with C/Java programming? I guess those are something things to think about over break…

Well I’m gonna get back to doing some programming type work! Have a great holiday season everyone, and of course a drunken New Year!!!