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After hearing July 8th over and over again from my brother, I finally decided it’s time to update this thingy. Well since the last time I went to Lake Cumberland with the family, the Hemmelgarn’s (family friends of ours), and Kate went along too! We had a ton of fun, almost ran out of beer, but we told Tim to chill out on the drinking. :) Tubing was the most popular lake activity as always, although a few people did some skiing. I’m glad Kate went along to cure some of my boredom time while there. I’ll admit the place is so much fun, but in between water sports you can often get a little bored.
Good news for me, I have new allergy medication. They got me on zyrtek or however you spell it and flonase. Flonase is interesting cause you snort it. :) But for just starting today, I feel really good, which is nice since I haven’t really been feeling 100% lately.
Concert wise I have seen these shows:
July For Kings (7/13)
Fate Hates Us (7/19)
Red Wanting Blue / Will Hoge / Ordinary Peoples / etc (7/21)
The reason I put those dates there is for when I have to go back and update the shows that I have seen section, whenever it is I get around to that. All these were good shows, but I was really glad to see FHU playing a show down in Cincy at Mad Frog and bringing in more at the door than the other 2 Cincinnati bands. Hopefully they come back soon.
Recently I have been trying to get some mics to do some recordings, but I am going to wait until a guy I know updates his rig and then buy his old at853’s which is what Sarnovsky started with. I look forward to taping FHU among any other bands that I possibly can. I have also been shopping for a guitar. Nothing too serious yet, I want to get in and play some at Mars to see what I like then search out the internet deals.
I think that about sums it up. Kate is on her way over, so I should get ready I guess…


Last week was nice cause I only had 3 days of work. Those went by pretty quickly, and I hung out with Kate a bunch! For the 4th Liam, Kate, Steph and I went up to Buckeye Lake for the Fate Hates Us show and some fireworks. The night was really cool, except for I got something in my eye that would not come out. My eye swelled up real bad, because I couldn’t leave it alone. At least that eventually went away but now my eyes are constantly watering, my allergies must have finally caught up to me. The show was sweet, something like 3 or 4 hours long. Friday we went drinking at Liam’s house for the first time in awhile and had fun as usual. Nothing really all too exciting, but fun regardless. Saturday Liam, Fighty, Callsen and I went to Cleveland for the Feeling Better Than Everfine festival show featuring OAR. The show was sweet. OAR played two incredible sets to start and finish off the day/night. Red Wanting Blue was fun to see again, and I really can’t wait to see another one of their shows. I was introduced to a band called Carbon Leaf that was really cool. Pretty jammy, and they had a mandolin player along with the occasional upright bass. I look forward to seeing them again in the future. We of course got drunk cause Weeba and Kraut were there. :) What a great time it was. Last night I relaxed with Kate at Lilo and Stitich, that new Disney movie. It was a fun one, and I tried to catch up on sleep last night. Oh well, a little tired now but I seem to always be anymore…


This weekend summed up in one line…
Pig-Fest IX
It was a great time once again. My family all got drunk and so did all my friends. I think the wiffle ball tourney completely ended this year for the first time, and Kate’s team almost won. Instead it was my brother and Liam’s team that took home the trophy. The fireworks were sweet, and my finger has a reminder that I was one of the two people shooting the damn things off. Fate Hates Us was sweet, and I got up and sang Poker with Pete playing some guitar on it. Then of course the Tea Bag Song chants broke out, so he played that one and we did some of Sail Away. Then let the band continue with their set until the cops came. That was another first for the roast. :) Kate made it back into town much earlier than I thought she would, so that was great! It is very nice to have her back with me. I went to bed at 2 AM I think but it felt much earlier than that. What a great night, and I think everyone else had a blast too…