The Christmas party was excellent! I got home from work and immediately Kim showed me the kitchen and said get to work. :) Most everyone showed up right at 6, and we had lots of food ready and plenty of drinks to go around. Kim and I took a few pictures of the night with the new camera, hopefully I’ll get those up soon. Doni forwarded some pictures that she took and I’ll see if I can get them online now. After an hour and a half we all headed to the play. Our seats were great, right up front and all together. The play was good as well. We saw it last year, so I remembered a bunch of the parts but I also forgot a few things as well. Good times! Thanks to Steve and everyone else at Kim’s work for coming over and having this party.

We have a few plans for the weekend, but nothing too big. We may go to the brooksider tonight for their Christmas party. At some point tonight Kim and I are going to have our Christmas, I’m really excited for that! Then tomorrow we are going with Doni & Phil up to the Martin’s for their Christmas party. We also have 3 DVD’s to watch sometime this weekend. These are all from a free trial of blockbuster online. I convinced Kim to sign up for the free ipods, so in a week or so I should have all of my referrals needed to get this thing. I’ll keep my fingers crossed…

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