For dinner on Friday night I picked up a couple of pizzas from Mt. Adams Pizza & Deli. Before 7PM there is plenty of ten minute parking on the nearby hilly streets of Mt. Adams. If you are picking up pizza later in the evening, the bar filled neighborhood will likely be void of any available free parking. However I bet their average customer doesn’t run into parking issues, as they seem to mostly cater towards late night diners, who are likely taking cabs around town or who have already paid to park in a nearby lot.

Outside Mt. Adams Pizzeria

I arrived around 6:20 to find one of the few tables inside occupied and another two customers in line placing orders for dine in. Another guy walked in shortly after I did, who was also picking up a carry out order. I called ahead and was told that my pizzas would be ready in 20-25 minutes, and when I arrived 25 minutes later they were in one of those insulated delivery bags waiting for me, still hot from the oven.

Inside Mt. Adams Pizza & Deli

We had a $20 Groupon to use, so we decided to try two of their 12″ specialty pizzas. First up for me was the Mediterranean Pizza with feta, green olives, onion, banana peppers, tomato, and oregano ($14 for 12″). First of all, I don’t think they could have possibly fit any more toppings on this pizza. You definitely get what you pay for, as far as toppings are concerned. With so many toppings it was hard to get a taste of the sauce, but once I got closer to the edge of the crust I really enjoyed what I could taste. Plus the crust itself was really good, just slightly crispy and definitely chewy. I could have gone another minute or two overall on the bake, but still a solid pizza.

Mediterranean Pizza

Our second pie was the Mona Lisa chicken pizza with barbecue sauce, chicken, and onion. This wasn’t quite as filled with toppings as compared to the Mediterranean, but still more than your average pizza. This is one of their “white pizzas” which have no sauce, but are brushed with olive oil and garlic. But with the barbecue sauce drizzle, you don’t really need any other sauce on this pizza. This pizza seemed to be a little more well done than the first, which I really enjoyed.

Mona Lisa Chicken Pizza

In the future I would probably skip the Mediterranean in favor of something with a little less olives on it, but the Mona Lisa is definitely worthy of ordering again. I don’t think I will go out of my way for Mt. Adams Pizza, but it is definitely worthy of a visit when in the area.

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