In our last produce delivery from Green B.E.A.N was a bundle of collard greens. I can’t recall ever eating collards before, let alone preparing them, so I went searching for a recipe that could be a good introduction to these leafy greens. I found this recipe for kickin’ collard greens and loved that bacon was included. Even though I’m sure it would have been even better with regular pork bacon, I prepared the dish with peppered turkey bacon instead to please my wife.

Adding Collard Greens

Other than the bacon substitution, I followed the recipe really closely. The result was pretty good, much better than I was expecting actually. The red pepper flakes definitely gave the dish a spicy kick. I wouldn’t say that it was my favorite dish, but it definitely was a great first attempt with collard greens. My wife seemed to love it, so perhaps I will give other recipes with collard greens a try. Anyone have any favorites?

Finished Product

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