This past Saturday again took us to the Mt. Healthy area to pickup our car that was being serviced the day before. After dropping it off the day before we took advantage of the situation and stopped for lunch at Pit To Plate BBQ. On our repeat visit to the area we decided to drive a little further north into Fairfield for some pizza from Cassano’s Pizza & Subs. The name sounded a little familiar when I found it using the mobile Yelp app, and with a lot of favorable reviews I figured it was worth a visit.

Cassano's Pizza King

Cassano’s is a chain based out of Dayton, Ohio, but this operation of Cassano’s has been independently owned and operated since 1982. As other reviewers have said, it appears that the inside of the place hasn’t been renovated since opening. Upon walking in you can view the open air kitchen area on the right through some tinted glass and immediately past that is the counter where orders are placed. On the opposite side of the restaurant are about a dozen or more booths and tables. There are also some beverage coolers toward the back of the space that I didn’t notice until I went searching for the restroom.

My wife and I agreed to order just one pizza, a large “Mom’s Big Cheese” – pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, onion, green pepper, and double cheese on top. After I paid for our pizza and drinks, we found a spot at one of the booths and within ten minutes our pizza was ready.

Mom's Big Cheese

Our sixteen inch pizza was cut into a ton of small square slices. The crust is really thin, crisp, and salty. The sauce was good and there was a ton of cheese covering all of our toppings. Both my wife and I really enjoyed this pizza. It reminded me of Donato’s, which is based out of Columbus, Ohio. And not only because of the similar way the pizza are cut, the taste was also familiar. With that said I preferred the finished product from Cassano’s over Donato’s. I don’t know if I would make a special trip for this pizza, but if you are in the area (Jungle Jim’s perhaps) this would be a great stop for lunch.

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  1. Glad to hear it’s still out there in Fairfield. It’s the closest Cassano’s to Cincinnati that I’m aware of.

    I grew up in the Dayton/Springfield area and was raised on it…the saltiness is an acquired taste. :)

    Next time you’re in the Dayton area, be sure to try Marion’s…their style is very similar to Cassano’s and Donato’s.

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