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Before flying out of Dayton to Boston a couple of Sunday’s ago, my wife and I spent the night near the airport to make the early wakeup call easy for us and for our one year old son. For dinner that night I had only one thing in mind, Marion’s Piazza. Since trying Cassano’s earlier this year, it has been on my radar for any trip up north.

Inside Marion's Dayton Mall Location

Marion’s does not deliver, but fortunately there was a location within a few minutes drive our hotel for the night. The inside of the restaurant was much larger than I expected, especially compared to the Cassano’s location I visited. There is a large counter at the back of the room where orders are placed and where phone ahead orders can be picked up, as I did on this visit. Beware that the restaurant is cash only.

Marion's Dining Area

My wife and I decided to just order one large Marion’s Super Cheese – pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions and green peppers topped with a mound of cheese ($17.50 for 13″). The order was ready in ten of fifteen minutes, and it was still hot when I brought it back into our hotel room.

Dayton Patented

Once I opened the pizza box I knew that we were in for a treat. The amount of toppings covering the pizza was more than anything I had ever seen before. The thin crust pizza was sliced just as I expected into many tiny pieces. Each piece was perfectly crispy and there was a fair amount of cornstarch on the bottom. The sauce didn’t stand out very much, allowing the fresh ingredients and 100% real cheese to really shine through. I really enjoyed this pizza.

Marion's Super Cheese

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  1. Stan Indursky says:

    Marion’s pizza makes me want to be a better man

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