A couple of weekends ago, during our lunch break from the 5B Conference, I had the opportunity to finally try Cafe de Wheels. This food truck was gracious enough to park their operation just outside the convention center for conference attendees to order lunch. On first glance the offerings from this truck are very similar to Bones’ Burgers, which used to park near my office building during lunch. Basically burgers and grilled cheese sandwiches, though there are a few other choices from Cafe de Wheels including a cuban, chicken sandwich, and a couple of veggie options.


Since I was still nursing a decent hangover from the Cincy Beer Fest the night before, I decided I needed a greasy meal and went with the grilled cheese on wheat and an order of sweet potato fries, $4 each. Our group was keeping the truck busy, and it took a good while for my order to be ready, but I’m always happy to see things made to order.

Grilled Cheese

My grilled cheese was as you would expect, nothing crazy but still a good lunch. I much prefer the more adventurous grilled cheese offerings from Bones’ Burgers, but this definitely got the job done. In hindsight, a friend of mine had good things to say about the homemade Mt. Healthy veggie burger, and perhaps that would have been a better choice. Or maybe next time I would get the chicken sandwich or even the cuban.

Sweet Potato Fries

The serving of sweet potato fries was pretty large, but also pretty expensive at $4. However, they were perfectly cooked and very tasty! I didn’t have any dipping sauce, not even ketchup in the bag, but fortunately the seasoning was enough on its own. I do think $3 would be more appropriate to charge. Overall, I didn’t like this food truck as much as the similar Bones’ Burgers, but I would give it another try as I think there are some other sandwiches that are worth a try. I just wasn’t in the mood on this particular visit.

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