Eat your heart out downtowners! We in Mason now have our own food truck, Bones’ Burgers (website should be live later today). Earlier this week I noticed coupons in the break room for free fries to go along with grass fed beef burgers, gourmet grilled cheeses, and sustainable produce. This sounded much more like something I would find in Denver, rather than the location of a former football stadium and hall of fame. Today I ventured over to the nearby parking lot to sample the food for myself.

Bones' Burgers Truck

First I glanced through the burger menu to see if there were any vegetarian offerings, there was one but the owner quickly pointed out to me that the patty is not made in house. I’m not a fan of the frozen veggie burgers, but I do like some  hand-made black bean burgers or similar. So I moved on to the grilled cheese menu, which was slightly overwhelming at first. There were a wide variety of cheeses to choose from and I knew I wanted something rather than boring old cheddar.

Again the owner was to the rescue and guided me toward a triple creme brie cheese on wheat bread with blueberry jam and apple slices. I also was able to redeem my coupon for a side of sweet potato fries with some special seasoning on them. While the food was cooking I chatted with the owner about how the new business is going and the environmental impact of opening such a business. I was happy to hear that as the summer goes on he is going to use even more locally grown produce and plans to hand make veggie patties by next summer.

Triple Creme Brie Grilled Cheese

Once the food was finished cooking, I took it in a bag back to my desk at work. I must admit that the grilled cheese sandwich turned out very well. The sweetness from the fruits complimented the creaminess of the cheese perfectly. It may not have looked like much of a sandwich at first glance, but it really filled me up. The sweet potato fries were also perfectly fried and the seasoning smelled wonderful. I used very little ketchup on the fries, which is a compliment to their deliciousness.

All of these local, sustainable, organic ingredients come at a cost and I hope that is something that the conservative Cincinnati population can realize. You get what you pay for. So you can either have a typical fast food meal from the McDonald’s down the road. Or you can have a freshly prepared sandwich that utilized the best ingredients at a higher cost. It’s obvious how I feel about these issues, but I hope that others can realize this and help this business succeed and hopefully we can see others like it soon.

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  1. Sounds like a winner, Ed! Excellent find. Looking forward to hitting them up soon.

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