While attending the New Years celebration in Oakley Square, I had the opportunity to try New Orleans To Go. My cousin has been hyping this place since the early summer. I overheard them say that they only brought a very limited menu since they weren’t sure of the attendance of the event. Basically they only had a few options, but even still I had a hard time deciding between the Cajun rice and the gumbo.

Menu Board

In the end I decided to try the Louisiana chicken and sausage gumbo. Upon ordering a hot bowl of the gumbo was quickly handed to me, fresh from the pot. Not only was it hot in temperature, but it was spicy too! It may not look like much from my terrible cell phone photo, but the gumbo was packed with tons of chicken and sausage as well as plenty of rice to soak up all the juice. I was really impressed with the dish and I hope that I can track down the food truck again in the near future to sample some of their po-boys and other bayou specialties. Based on other reviews I’ve read online, all of their food is tasty!

Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

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