While walking into mass this past Sunday morning, I was told that we were on the list of people who weren’t expected to show on New Years Day. I guess that is what having a kid will do to you. Normally I would have agreed, but after barely staying awake past midnight, getting up early the following morning was no problem. To ring in the new year we did bundle ourselves and Trey up in warm clothes and walked up to Oakley Square for the annual party there. They do a 9 PM ball drop with fireworks for all the families in the area and their kids. It’s a nice touch and turned out to be perfect for us. Trey was able to celebrate with us at 9 PM and then fall asleep on the walk back home.

I spent the day off work yesterday putting together our new grill. While packing our things for the move back to Cincinnati earlier this year, I decided to leave our old grill behind and give it to one of our friends out there. So when asked what I wanted for Christmas, a new grill was one of the items on my list. When opening gifts at my parents’ house, one big box for me to open was saved for last and I was surprised to unwrap this beauty. Well it wasn’t assembled, and that took longer than expected, but now that it is together I’m looking forward to getting it outside and cooking up some grub.

Our New Grill

Speaking of Christmas gifts, my brother and his girlfriend got us some really great stuff too. Another item on my long list was a TV mount that can extend out and then rotate. Another friend in Denver had this kind of mount and I loved that he could put his TV away out of sight when not needed and then pull it out when he wanted. Though ours isn’t out of sight, I think it looks pretty good tucked back in our built-in bookshelves that sit on either side of our fireplace. We can then pull it out about two feet off the wall and rotate it either towards our couch in one direction, or towards the kitchen in the other direction.

TV Mounted

Trey received so many fantastic toys as gifts and he loves playing with them all, but we are quickly running out of space for them. My brother heard me complain of this multiple times before and he came up with a toy chest idea that turned out wonderful. He and his girlfriend bought the chest and then painted it (with the help of a very skilled friend) before turning it over to have it stained. The quote on top is from the Dave Matthews Band song “Grey Street.”

Toy Chest

It’s easy to see that we were really spoiled this year, and that’s before I even begin to mention things from Kim’s family such as a remote start for our new car as well as a membership to the Cincinnati Museum Center that we have already used multiple times. This year is already looking great and it has just started. Here’s to another great year for all!

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