I’ve been making vodka sauce from various recipes for years, but I think I may have found a new favorite. I followed this recipe almost exactly, except I added a small yellow onion, used 1 full cup heavy whipping cream, left out the parsley, and used a little more meat than called for. I didn’t see any sweet Italian sausage in the case at the grocery, but they did have some mild Italian sausage that I bought instead. I think the two links I bought weighed more than 7 ounces total. I doubt it really matters much though.

This sauce was delicious! I don’t recall using any meet in my vodka sauces before, but now it may be hard to make one without the Italian sausage. This one in particular added a little more heat to the sauce, which I really liked. I prepared this for Kim and my parents and they all really enjoyed it. I probably could have added some fresh Parmesan cheese on top for even more taste. I will likely try that the next time I make this, which I hope is soon.

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  1. food / Valentine dinner! yum :)
  2. Valentine dinner! yum :) | food
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