I realize that my blog is quickly becoming a restaurant review website for obscure restaurants on the east-side of Cincinnati, but I assure you that this will change soon. Once we move into our new house in Hyde Park in just over two weeks I will likely be dining in more urban settings.

Skip's Bagel Deli

After working up a big appetite mountain biking on Sunday, my wife and I decided to drive down Montgomery Road searching for a good sandwich. Eventually we spotted Skip’s Bagel Deli and I immediately recalled eating here many years ago. The layout of the restaurant is a little confusing as there are signs directing you to place your order immediately upon entry but the menu boards are at the back of the restaurant. We determined that the first ordering counter is just for quick breakfast orders of bagels and that the back of the restaurant is used during lunch hours.

Albuquerque Turkey & Potato Salad

The menu is really large for a deli so it took us some time to reach any decisions. Eventually I settled on the Albuquerque Turkey with Boar’s Head turkey, black bean and roasted corn relish, sprouts, lettuce, salsa, lite sun dried tomato cream cheese and ranch dressing on an everything bagel. My wife ordered a combo plate with half of the Turkey del Cabo sub (turkey, bacon, muenster cheese, guacamole, fresh spinach, tomato and chipotle mayo on french bread) along with Miss D’s Summer Salad (fresh mixed greens, tomato, onion, cucumber, sun dried cranberries, feta cheese and walnuts topped with balsamic vinaigrette).

Turkey del Cabo & Miss D's Summer Salad

The combo my wife ordered was a great choice! For only $7.29 the plate was filled with tons of salad and the half sandwich was equivalent to a full size sub in many other restaurants. The salad was great tasting and her turkey sub was pretty good as well. As good as her turkey sub was, my bagel sandwich blew it away. The addition of cream cheese to the sandwich is game changer in my opinion and I loved it. I wish there were more locations around town, but I can only find the one we visited and one in West Chester.

Albuquerque Turkey Closeup

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