Last night I cooked up what could be my favorite pasta sauce yet. I found this recipe and pretty much followed it exactly. The sauce might have got a little dry before adding the cream and vodka. I had to run out to the liquor store since someone drank all of the vodka! This was also my first time using heavy whipping cream, and I must say that I’m a big fan. The sauce doesn’t have a strong tomato taste, but it’s there. It’s not very spicy, but there is a kick to it. I loved it and will definitely be making it again in the future. Next time I think I’ll add some garlic as some of the reviews say. Maybe even get crazy and try to get some chicken in somehow.

2 Responses to “Cheap Vodka Sauce”
  1. Amy says:

    I wonder who drank the vodka? It better be replaced by the time I come out. Also, I’d like to try the sauce – maybe you can make it for Kim and me??

  2. edpaffjr says:

    I usually don’t cook on the weekends, besides on the grill, but maybe I’ll make an exception.

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