Another restaurant that my parents visit frequently, but have yet to take me to, is Shooters Sports Grill. My wife and I headed that way on Friday evening for dinner. We arrived to find the parking lot completely full so my wife ran in to see if tables were available or not. She quickly came back out and said that we would only have to wait a few minutes for a table. She grabbed our five month old son out of the car, and I drove over to a neighboring parking lot to find an available spot. I guess everyone in the restaurant brought separate cars since there wasn’t that many people inside but not a single spot available in the fairly large lot.

After a few minutes waiting near the bar we were guided to a table in the back of the restaurant near the giant garage doors and video games. On nice nights the garage doors open to let the fresh air in. Unfortunately our night was filled with thunderstorms so the doors remained shut throughout our visit. Our waitress quickly took our drink orders and returned quickly with our draft beer selections. I was delighted that Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA was on tap despite the fairly standard domestic draft list.

For dinner I decided on the hot pepper turkey sandwich – seasoned pepper turkey grilled with pepper Jack cheese, green onion, zesty sauce and mayo on toasted sourdough. I added a cup of broccoli bacon salad to the side for $2. My wife went with the Baja BBQ chicken pizza – sweet BBQ grilled chicken with mozzarella cheese.

Hot Pepper Turkey Sandwich

The hot pepper turkey sandwich was good and quite a bit spicier than it looked. I don’t recall the green onion on the sandwich as the description indicates, but it seems a little out-of-place anyway. I was sold on the broccoli bacon salad from the moment our server began to describe it as a mayonnaise based salad with the addition of shredded cheese. I was not disappointed one bit. It was a delicious side that I would definitely order again. I think my biggest complaint would be the price. The sandwich was little more than a turkey melt, and at $7.99 you would expect that to include fries or a side dish, but it does not at Shooters. Fries would cost $1.29 more making the platter over $9 and I don’t think it is worth that much.

Baja BBQ Chicken Pizza

The pizza was overall pretty average. Again for $14 for a 12 inch pie I would expect it to be loaded with a variety of toppings not just chicken, cheese, and BBQ sauce. Also it seemed that the crust was overloaded with salt. My wife was first to make this comment. I didn’t notice it when I started eating the pizza but by the time I reached the crusty edge I was hit with the same salty taste in my mouth. We had a good recommendation about the pizza, but I’m afraid I would much rather drive down the hill into old town Loveland and get the much more delicious pizza from The Works.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Their nachos and wings are pretty good! We would go there after our softball games as the one coach lives off Wards Corner! I actually had the apple chicken salad, which was very good!

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