It wasn’t until a buddy of mine from high school mentioned it, that I realized my new office is very close to Galbreath Field, or what is left of it anyway. Galbreath Field was the home of the Moeller Crusaders football team before and during all my years in high school. In fact, the team played all of its home games there for twenty-one years before moving to various stadiums. The owner of the land wanted to sell it, but since 2003 it has sat empty and unsold.

What is left of Galbreath Field

The other day I took a walk over to the former site of the stadium to see what was left. The College Football Hall of Fame building is long gone, as is all the other structures on the property, including the bleachers. The only things left are the scoreboard, chain-link fence surrounding the playing surface, and a couple of water fountains. Even so I couldn’t help but reminisce back to the numerous days I spent here leading up to, and especially during, high school.

Old Scoreboard

I recalled all the good times had in surrounding parking lots, tailgating and waiting for the Friday night games to begin. I also remembered the times I was out on the field as one of our school’s “yellmen” and even the couple of times I watched a game in the stands as an alumni. The hill behind the scoreboard is still there, where boys in junior high would hang out during the games. It was nice to be reminded of such wonderful times growing up.

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