Ustream has a 24/7 live feed of a pair of Bald Eagles and their three eaglets. I’ve had the stream on in the background of one of my monitors since earlier this morning and have been fascinated with it. I’ve seen the eaglets all eat pieces of fish that the parents have brought and fed to them. Currently the three are all laying down for naps, but both parents are still full of action, though usually it is just one of them in the nest at a time.

According to an article on TechCrunch, this stream is nearing 100 million views and is Ustream’s most-watched live stream in their five-year history. Within the last month the stream has tallied over 70 million views! I expect that number to increase even more as news of this spreads and especially with the upcoming first flights of the eaglets, which is expected to be late June or early July.  I’m sure I’ll be tuning in from time to time.

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