Saturday night my wife and I headed out to a soon-to-be neighborhood restaurant for us, Bangkok Bistro. Our friend Amy (who badly needs to update her blog) was having a birthday celebration at the Hyde Park Thai restaurant. My wife called in a reservation for our group earlier in the day and upon our arrival we found that the group had grown by two and the restaurant easily accommodated that. Service for our table of ten was good, not particularly fast, but we weren’t in a hurry anyway. Our server asked right away if we were going to have separate checks, which made everything so much easier, so that gets a huge plus in my book.

Thai Spicy Chicken

The group started with two plates of edamame as an appetizer along with a bottle of wine and various other drinks. I skipped the edamame since I am allergic to soybeans, but I’m told it was good, though steamed soybeans can’t be that hard to prepare. My wife decided to split some sushi rolls with Amy while I opted for the Thai Spicy Chicken from the “General Fare” selections. Most meals can be ordered on a spiciness scale from 1-10. After reading some reviews of people ordering 11’s and 12’s, I decided that 8 would be suitable for me. I do love spicy food after-all! The decision ended up being perfect for me as the dish was definitely spicy but not so powerful that you couldn’t taste anything else on the plate.

My Plate

This dish is prepared with a mix of vegetables including onions, green peppers, mushrooms, carrots, broccoli, baby corn, and peas. The serving size is large and I would have easily been able to take some home if my wife hadn’t helped me with it. The price was also right at only $10.95. Many of the other dishes in the noodles and rice section of the menu were closer to $15 each, which seemed a little high. I’m comparing this to our favorite Thai restaurants in Denver where most dishes were under $10. Typically we have found that most things are little cheaper here in Cincinnati, so Bangkok Bistro would definitely be a little expensive overall. Fortunately the taste of the food was easily on par with our favorite Thai restaurants.  I’m sure with the relatively close location to our future house, we will be back many times in the future.

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