Mr. Hanton’s Handwiches was kind enough to park their food truck in a parking lot across the street from the convention center during our lunch break from the 5B Blogging Conference. Cafe de Wheels was also on hand, but I’ve already reviewed them, so my decision was easy. Mr. Hanton’s specializes in hot dogs and handwiches, basically a sausage of your choice covered in a ton of toppings. They offer five different sausages to choose from: beef frank, chicken apple, goetta, hot mett, and Italian sausage. The menu is actually pretty large as there are over 30 toppings available. However Mr. Hanton has identified the best sellers, making it a little easier for first timers.

Mr. Hanton's

Mr. Hanton’s

I went with the “not so hot chick” with a chicken apple sausage, BBQ sauce, yellow mustard, bacon and chopped onion ($5.00). Also available is the “hot chick” with habanero mustard instead of the yellow mustard. I considered ordering the hot version, but decided it wouldn’t be a good way to kick off a day of drinking. I was offered a small taste of the habanero mustard and I must say that it burned my mouth for a few minutes. Though I do think it would be good on the handwich.

Not So Hot Chick

Not So Hot Chick

My handwich was piled high with plenty of toppings and was a lot more filling than I thought it would be. The combination of BBQ sauce and mustard is really good and not something that I ever would have imagined to put together. The chicken sausage had a nice mild sweetness to it as well as a little savory spice flavor. I would definitely order the “not so hot chick” again, but with so many other choices on the menu would probably end up with something different next time. I hope to run into Mr. Hanton’s food truck sometime again in the future. They will also be opening a permanent location in the new U Square at the Loop near the University of Cincinnati in either late spring or early summer.

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