The animals for the live nativity are back at St. Francis Seraph, our regular church in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood of downtown Cincinnati. After mass this past Sunday we stopped in to see and pet them.

Himalayan Goat

The friendliest of the animals was this little Himalayan goat, named Tootsie. She was very soft and I’m told their wool is used in making the finest of cashmere.

Saying Hi


In addition to Tootsie there are a handful of other goats and sheep, along with a couple of burros.


Under a stable roof there is also a manger scene compete with a baby Jesus doll.

Manger Scene

According to another blogger, the nativity can be seen as part of American Legacy Tours Spirit of Christmas along with the collection of nativity scenes from around the world and the Charles Dickens Village in the Friary. Or you could join us for mass on any Sunday between now and Christmas to see the same things free of charge. The outdoor nativity is also open to the public though I do not know their schedule.

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  1. joan seib says:

    They have “Open House” times for the Nativity on Fridays from 12:30-4:30pm on Dec 7, 21 and 28th this year (2012). They also have one more open house on December 28th from 7-9pm (all lit up!). Of course, you can always call the church at 721-4700 if you want to stop by another time. It is such a beautiful parish and church!

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