After our walking tour of parts of San Francisco on our first day there, we rented bikes for our second day. We started off on the bikes around 9am in the Civic Center area and headed west through the Haight and toward Gold Gate Park. Before getting to the park we made a quick detour to Alamo Square Park to see the famed “Painted Ladies.” We then biked through most of Golden Gate Park before stopping in for a visit to the California Academy of Sciences. After spending a couple of great hours at the museum, we headed north toward the Golden Gate Bridge, crossed over it and then continued north to Sausalito for dinner. From there we loaded the bikes on the ferry and arrived back in the Fisherman’s Wharf area, where we rode the bikes back down to the Civic Center following the bay along the way. We put in over 20 miles on the bikes and spent the majority of the day out exploring San Francisco. I wouldn’t have done it any other way.

Before leaving town the following day we found time to stop at the Cable Car Museum for a quick visit. It was really cool to see how the cable cars that we had ridden all weekend were operated and what powered them. This free museum is well worth a quick stop.

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