The night before the wedding we were in town for had a fair amount of drinking involved for myself. The wedding party had gathered at a downtown bar to watch college football and I joined in. When it was time for their rehearsal dinner, my wife and son met me for a semi-late dinner of our own at Pizza My Heart.

I had found this place before our trip as it was pretty well reviewed online. A couple of my out-of-town friends had tried it the night before and said it was worth checking out. Pizza My Heart is primarily a pizza by the slice kind of place, though full size pizzas can be ordered. A very large salad, slice of pizza, and a drink can be had for $7.75.

Big Sur & Cheese Slices (after my son got his share of the cheese)

The three of us (me, my wife, and year and half old son) split a slice of their Big Sur (cloves of roasted garlic, organic tomato pizza sauce, pepperoni, sausage, Portobello mushrooms and green onions) along with a slice of cheese and the seasonal green salad that is large enough for two. Oh yeah, they also serve a few varieties of beer on tap, which I was happy to sample.

The Big Sur has won first place awards at the West Coast Pizza Championships as well as the World Pizza Games. I had no idea either of those things existed, but still cool to try an award-winning pizza. Overall I enjoyed the slice. I’ve never really enjoyed Portobello mushrooms and these were no exception, a little too rubbery for me. The rest of the ingredients were solid and the garlic was plentiful.

The cheese pizza was actually really good. I think due to the nature of the pizza by slice concept the cheese was more fresh than the Big Sur. Perhaps I would have enjoyed the Big Sur even more had it been fresh. Was it the best I’ve ever had, absolutely not, but it is definitely better than your average late night pizza joint.

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