After work on Friday I headed to Covington for dinner at Lime Taqueria. I had a LivingSocial coupon that was expiring the next day and I needed to use it before leaving town for the weekend. I looked up the address ahead of time and realized it was basically in the MainStrasse village. As many times as I have been to that part of Covington, I never once noticed Lime.

Outside Lime

Once I parked outside the restaurant I realized why I had never noticed it before, the signage doesn’t stand out at all, and the building looks more residential than commercial. The inside of the restaurant is the complete opposite with bright lime green walls and plenty of wood accents throughout. It is a very small space but still has enough room for a few tables inside, as well as outside on the front porch.

Inside Lime

My wife, son, and I were greeted by the lone employee upon our entry. I told him about the coupon we had, which was for 2 burritos, chips and dip, and 2 iced teas all for only $9. He took our order and said he would bring the burritos out to us when ready. We decided to have chips served with queso (normally $3) and sat outside so that our son could run around while we waited for the food.

Chips and Queso

The serving of chips and queso was large enough to share between two. I don’t think the chips were made in-house, but they were fresh and the queso was pretty good. I would have much rather tried the guacamole, but it wasn’t an option with our coupon.


My wife chose the jerk chicken burrito with smoked tomato sour cream and cucumber watermelon salsa (normally $6.50). She seemed to enjoy the cucumber watermelon salsa, but it did very little for me. Both of the ingredients are pretty bland themselves, so it didn’t do much for the burrito. The chicken was good, but I definitely could have used some added flavor. The beans, rice, and sour cream just didn’t do enough.


I ordered the BBQ pork burrito with pineapple salsa, pickled red onion, and ancho sour cream (normally $6.50). I thought this burrito has a little more flavor than the jerk chicken, but again it could have used more spice. The pineapple salsa was better than the cucumber watermelon combination. Though not as large as burritos from Chipotle, they are still of pretty decent size.

The staff member that I met couldn’t have been nicer, and I like the idea behind the restaurant. However, I don’t think I’ll return for more burritos unless I’m already in the area and looking for something quick to eat.

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