After having mostly¬†disastrous¬†results with a saltwater fish tank in Denver I’m thinking of giving fishkeeping another try. I’ve grown up with a fish tank for most of my life and thought I could handle the more advanced world of saltwater, but I think I’m better off sticking with freshwater tropical fish. I’ve dusted off the tank stand and found a corner spot for it in my office. If I find time this weekend I’m hoping to clean the tank, equipment, and decor items and hopefully get water circulating soon. Trey has loved animals since day 1, so I figure it’s time we get some kind of pet at home.

5 Responses to “Another Shot At Fishkeeping”
  1. Tim says:

    I’ve been talking about solving that pet problem for over a year now!

  2. Yeah go for it..a good fish tank set up correctly requires minimal maintenance and you will get so much out of it..good look with your set up!

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