A couple of weekends ago I took the family out to Mason to meet an old friend for lunch. After a quick online search we settled on the Lucky Dog Grille. Once we finally found the restaurant that is slightly hidden behind the gas station on the corner, we nearly decided to go somewhere else. The outside of the strip mall location appeared dark and there were only a couple of cars in the parking lot. However we decided to stick it out and see what they had to offer.

I was shocked upon entering the restaurant that is much larger and brighter on the inside than what the outside leads you to believe. There is a fairly large bar area as well as a massive dining room area filled with tables that can easily be pulled together to fit the largest of groups. As the parking lot indicated, there were only a few other customers inside. After waiting a few minutes to be greeted, I approached the bar to ask if we should just seat ourselves, and then found a table near the windows.

Before we could take our seats, one of the servers on the floor grabbed some menus for us and offered to get a high chair for our little one. The menu is a tad overwhelming and has everything from wings to salads, sandwiches, build your own burgers, and even steak or tilapia. They also have a nice selection of 24 different beers on tap.

Twisted Chicken Philly

I ordered the twisted chicken Philly served with onion petals ($8.49). The sandwich was large and tasted good. I could have used a little sauce on it, perhaps the Teriyaki that is served on another Philly would have helped. The onion petals were great and the spicy dipping sauce that came with it was a nice touch.

BBQ Chicken Flatbread

As she so often does, my wife managed to order something that I cannot find on the online menu. However I do remember that it was a BBQ chicken flatbread. I don’t recall how much it cost but I think it was fairly cheap, and it better have been based on the size of the pizza. I had a couple bites and fortunately the taste made up for what it lacked in size. I don’t recall there being any unique toppings on it, but the toppings that were there were well plentiful.

Looking back on it now, I think I should have ordered some of their specialty big dog grilled wings, and I would definitely do that on a future visit. I don’t think Lucky Dog is worth a special trip to Mason. However if you are in the area you could do a lot worse.

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  1. Claire says:

    We’ve been there quite a few times with a big group… It’s one of Sean’s favorites!

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