Two Saturdays ago my wife and I participated in a scavenger hunt on the west side of town. We had a late lunch and the scavenger hunt started at 6pm, so we didn’t have any time for dinner. The game was over at 10 and we eventually started making our way back home to Hyde Park around 11. It was at this time that I realized how hungry I was and then I soon realized that our route would not be taking us past any late night dining spots. That was until I got to Mt. Lookout and spotted Lucy Blue Pizza.

I don’t recall ever having pizza from any of their four locations before, though I’m sure it was possible in my younger days. Lucy Blue is definitely late night pizza, and though a few tables are in the back of the Mt. Lookout location, I don’t think many people use them. There is a carry out window on the sidewalk side of the building, which seems to get the majority of the business. That’s where my wife ran to get a few slices upon our visit while I waited in the car.

Pepperoni Pizza

I’m not going to lie and say that this is the best pizza I’ve ever had, because it really wasn’t. However the slices are large and they only cost $2 each. I definitely could have used more pieces of pepperoni on my slices, and probably a little more sauce too. The crust was good, but I felt that overall the slices might have been a bit overcooked leading to some dry and crunchy spots. The first few bites of each slice were really pretty good though. I doubt I’ll stop by for more often, but their pizza definitely works in any late night pinch.

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