For the first time in a while I brewed a batch of beer this past Friday. Since my in-laws were going to be out-of-town the rest of the weekend, we had them over to our house for an early father’s day celebration. My father-in-law, Chuck, has dabbled a bit with homebrewing and wanted to brew an Irish Red Ale recipe kit that he had lying around, so that’s what we did.

I considered getting a propane burner so we could brew outside, but the one I saw in the store was a little too much for me to purchase on a whim. This would have allowed for more participation from the family, but I still had my youngest brother-in-law inside and helping nearly the entire time. It never hurts to start them young, right? Nick will turn twelve later this year.

Brewmaster Nick

The entire brewing process went very smoothly. I don’t think I made one mistake the whole way, which could be a first for me. With that said it is always reassuring to wake up the next morning to find the airlock bubbling away, meaning that the beer is fermenting! I plan to try a secondary fermentation for the first time and hopefully have it bottled and ready for Chuck’s 60th birthday in about a months time.

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