Outside Hyde Park Pizzeria

This past Friday evening my wife and I were in the mood for a walk with our 16 month old son. We decided to take a stroll down to East Hyde Park and to stop in at the Hyde Park Pizzeria on Erie Avenue. We get coupons for their pizza fairly regularly in the mail, but had never given it a try. I was originally thinking of getting a pizza to go, but they do have a few tables inside so we decided to dine in. There are no alcoholic beverages for sale, just bottled and canned drinks along with a water cooler.

Time To Draw

The woman at the counter was staying plenty busy taking down delivery orders, which seemed to happen at least once every few minutes. However after taking our order she did find the time to track down some dry erase markers and allowed our son to draw all over the menu wall while we waited for our food to be cooked. Our choice was a large Hawaiian with the standard pineapple and ham, along with extra sauce and extra cheese ($16.75).

Hawaiian Pizza

Our pizza arrived steaming hot from the kitchen fairly quickly. We had to let it cool down for several minutes as it must have been just pulled out of the oven. The appearance was great and there was plenty of pineapple, though it could have used a little more ham. The cheese and crust were well cooked. Unfortunately once I was able to taste the pizza I thought the sauce was really bland and dry. The toppings all tasted good, but I think the crust was again a little plain.

I really wanted to like this pizza but it was just okay, I would eat it again but only if I was already in the neighborhood. There are other places close to home that I would rather order from. However our service was wonderful! And the menu is really large (both in number of items offered and the amount of space it takes up on the inside wall) so I would likely try something like a hoagie or calzone on a future visit to see how it compares with the pizza.

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