Friday afternoon my wife and I ventured out of the house for a walk with our son. On our way to the grocery store we both realized that we should also get something for lunch while we were out. I was thinking of just picking up something quick and taking it back home, but she convinced me to give the Hitching Post a try. It was an interesting suggested from her, as she grew up serving fried chicken at the Proud Rooster and has no desire for it anymore. I other the other hand love the occasional fried chicken so I easily gave in.

Inside The Hitching Post

The inside of the Hitching Post was actually a little more modern than I was expecting. I expected the decor to match the aging clientele. On our visit the seating area was more than half full and a number of the visitors appeared to be regulars. Most people seemed to be ordering the “World’s Best Fried Chicken” so I decided to join them and ordered a two piece basket with mashed potatoes and gravy, homemade cole slaw and a roll ($7.25).

Two Piece Fried Chicken Basket

The breast of chicken was so large that the sides do not fit in the basket and are served on a separate plate. Each piece of chicken is fried to order and is served hot. The chicken in my order was perfectly cooked and tasted great. The mashed potatoes and gravy were fairly standard, but the coleslaw was excellent. It is a very creamy and traditional, but the flavor was perfect. Next time I might sub out the mashed potatoes for fries or even the potato cakes.

Seasonal Turkey Sandwich

My wife ordered a grilled turkey sandwich from their seasonal menu, but I can’t find the name of it online. I wish I would have taken note of the unique ingredient combination as it was a really good sandwich. The menu also features burgers, double-decker sandwiches, and a few other sandwich choices. I think that we will likely return again in the future. I’ve heard that they also have a great breakfast. If we can successfully walk past The Echo without stopping some morning, I’d like to give it a try.

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