After mass this past weekend, my wife and I decided to get crêpes, but we wouldn’t be going to our downtown favorite It’s Just Crêpes. Instead we headed to the relatively newly opened Fave in Hyde Park. Fave is mainly a self-serve frozen yogurt place, similar to Orange Leaf that also recently opened in the area. You walk in, grab a cup, and fill it up with any combination of their eight flavors. There is also a variety of toppings you can add on top. Then you take it to the register and pay a set price (55 cents) per ounce. I’ve yet to give this a try, but it seems like it could get expensive very quickly. While we were there, a customer was rang up for over $6 in frozen yogurt alone.

Inside Fave

Anyway, Fave also has a small offering of crêpes. My wife and I actually tried to get crêpes a few weeks earlier, but turned around when we found ourselves third in line with just one iron working and only one employee inside. It seemed like it would have taken a long time, and even when we returned on this visit to find nobody else inside, our order of two crêpes took at least ten minutes to prepare. Again just one employee was there, though later anther did show up in time to ring up our order.

Pizza Crêpe

I ordered the pizza crêpe with pizza sauce, Chihuahua cheese, pepperoni, and basil (though I don’t remember any basil in mine). My wife went with the BBQ – chicken, onion, bell pepper, and BBQ sauce. Overall the crêpes were good, but I felt that the shell may have been cooked too long and it was a little thicker than I was used to. With so few ingredients inside the crêpe, the thickness of the shell blocked out most of the flavor in my crêpe. My wife’s had a better flavor mix, but I wonder if maybe a little less batter was used would that let the ingredients shine through more?

I think Fave would be best off picking one item to specialize and then doing it really well. If the yogurt alone will keep them in business, I say they expand on that. If not, I think a well done crêpe spot would be perfect in Hyde Park. The eight item crêpe menu could easily be doubled or even tripled. They already have a decent start at making crêpes, but I think it takes a bit more focus to really do it right.

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