The Keystone Bar & Grill opened their Hyde Park location this past November. Though I have never been to their other location in Covington, I did sample some of their signature mac ‘n cheese at this past years Taste of Cincinnati. With a basketball game on TV that I wanted to watch, I headed to the new restaurant this past Saturday afternoon.

In addition to their signature mac ‘n cheese menu, they also have very similar flavor combinations offered on a quesadilla menu. For my meal I went with the BBQ’dilla – grilled BBQ chicken, bacon, marinated onions and cheddar served with ranch ($9.99). The serving size generous and was easily enough for lunch. I thought the flavor combination was great and it didn’t really need the ranch on the side. Other quesadilla offerings include ingredients such as corned beef, flank steak, and even chili.


My wife ordered the Buffalo Springfield mac ‘n cheese, even though I insisted that we already tried it at the Taste of Cincinnati. This dish ($7.99) adds buffalo chicken and crumbled bleu cheese to the mac ‘n cheese. It came served in a hot skillet and took a few minutes to cool. You can tell just by looking at it that this was prepared fresh versus the sample we had at the “Taste” this past summer.

Buffalo Springfield Mac 'N Cheese

Once it was cool enough to eat I stole a bite and was immediately hit with buffalo sauce and lots of it. So much in fact that my wife couldn’t eat more than a few bites the dish. I’m always a sucker for spicy things, so I offered to switch meals with her after only eating one slice of my quesadilla. Typically she likes spicy foods too, but this proved to be too much for her, so buyer beware.

In addition to the mac ‘n cheese and quesadillas, there is a full menu of wraps, sandwiches, burgers, and other bar and grill type food. They also have a pretty decent beer list. When we were first seated our table didn’t have a drink menu on it, but after many questions and ordering our first drafts, a tabletop menu was provided. Service was adequate and our food arrived very quickly. We will be back for more.

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