After having prior dinner plans spoiled due to circumstances beyond our control, my wife and I stumbled into Lemon Grass for dinner. This was the first dinner in a long time without our infant son at our sides. We walked in and asked for a table for two and were led to the back of the restaurant. Upon sitting down my wife and I both realized how dark and dreary it was in the back of this narrow restaurant. We asked our server if we could move toward the front of the restaurant and he directed us toward a table that sat along the front windows. I guess we should have asked for a table up there at the beginning since he seemed more than happy to accommodate our request.

Chicken Thai Spicy

I can’t find a menu online other than their lunch offerings, but I think what I ordered was called chicken Thai spicy. If that’s not right it was some basic dish of chicken with mixed vegetables in a light but spicy sauce. It was served with a side of white rice. Lemon Grass uses the 1-10 spice rating for their dishes and I went with an 8. It was fairly spicy but I could have used just a bit more I think. Other than that the dish was well prepared and tasted good. I would definitely order it again.

Paht Thai

My wife went with the Paht Thai. The way that the dish was presented was nice in that you could easily leave out some of the ingredients if they were not to your liking. She also ordered an 8 on the spice scale which seemed to be enough for her. I sampled only a small bit of her dish, but it tasted pretty much like Pad Thai should. She agreed that the dish was good and fairly standard, nothing out of this world. With that said I think she would easily order it again on a future visit.

Compared to Bangkok Bistro, which I reviewed earlier this year, I would say that the spice scale at Lemon Grass seems to be dumbed down just a bit more than the already weak scale at Bangkok. The serving sizes were a bit larger at Bangkok but I also think that their prices were too. With all of that said I would bet that we will likely return to Lemon Grass in the future and I would recommend it as a place to get a solid Thai meal for a very affordable price.

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