While living in Denver we had Sexy Pizza. And now in Cincinnati we have Naked Pizza. Naked Pizza is a newer chain with the first store opening in April 2006 in a New Orleans building that was formerly flooded by Hurricane Katrina with six feet of water. They currently operate twenty locations across the US and Dubai with many more scheduled to open soon. In fact one will be opening on Colfax Avenue in Denver.

The idea behind Naked Pizza is a healthier pizza, a more natural one. They use meat and cheese raised without hormones or antibiotics. The crust is made “from an Ancestral Blend of 10 grains plus prebiotic agave fiber and probiotics (healthful bacteria like the ones found in yogurt for balance and digestive health) bound by water and made by hand.” It all sounds like a great idea, but is the pizza any good?

Superbiotic Pizza

My wife and I asked ourselves that same questions and decided to place a delivery order through their online ordering system. We were told it would be thirty minutes, but it was actually much quicker than that. So the new shop was already doing things right in my eyes. We ordered the superbiotic pizza with artichoke, spinach, bell pepper, mushroom, garlic, red onion, and cilantro. And we also ordered a custom BBQ chicken pizza, after realizing it was cheaper to make it ourselves than to buy the smokehouse combination.

Custom BBQ Chicken Pizza

The verdict? The pizza is actually pretty good. I wouldn’t say that it is outstanding, but I did thoroughly enjoy it. It is hard to find a pizza with as many vegetables on it as the superbiotic, which we really liked. The BBQ chicken pizza was pretty good, but could have used possibly another ingredient. We added pineapple to the hickory-smoked BBQ sauce, onion, and chicken. Next time I would consider adding some jalapeno to spice it up even more.

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