The Green Dog Cafe reminds me of a variety of restaurants in our old home of Denver, Colorado. The menu features “local pastured poultry, organic sustainable fish, antibiotic free pork and other fresh foods that appeal to all tastes, including vegans, vegetarians and those who don’t tolerate wheat and dairy.” This is not something that I could have found in Cincinnati when I last lived here in 2003, at least not easily, but I’m glad to see that this has changed.

Front Of Menu

My wife and I stumbled across this restaurant while heading toward the neighboring Greenorama Home Show. We both actually read about the restaurant recently, but didn’t pay much attention to where it was located. When we pulled into the parking lot to find an ATM, we spotted the restaurant and immediately headed for the front door. One glance at the menu and I knew that I was ordering the Green Dog BLT with roasted turkey. My wife went with the Green Dog Burger made of garbanzos, mushrooms, and herbs. Each of these came with one side. I chose the kimchee while my wife had the green salad.

Green Dog BLT

My sandwich was gigantic! It was filled with plenty of thick cut roasted turkey to go along with the bacon, arugula, and tomato. Other reviews I have read stated that there is too much bread on the sandwich, but I felt that the ratio was pretty close to perfect, though I must admit that my sandwich does look much better than the picture in the other review. I would definitely order this sandwich again. And the kimchee was a really good mix of pickled vegetables that were spiced up a bit.

Green Dog Burger

My wife was also very happy with her veggie burger. I had a small bite of it and I was impressed with the taste of the patty. One disappointing thing was that the online menu says it should be served with red onion and tomato jam, but I don’t recall that being true. I would definitely like to try this jam on a future visit. The green salad was pretty typical mix of field greens that I would skip.

I would easily recommend trying this restaurant and I’m sure we will be back in the future. Another review that I read from back in 2009 was not that positive either, but I think some changes have been made to the Green Dog Cafe and it is worth a revisit if you have been there before. I hope that it continues to improve on our favorable first visit.

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