Before this past weekend I dined at Allyn’s Cafe one time before, but as it was years ago I don’t remember much about the visit. My wife and I headed to Allyn’s for diner after a busy day spent mostly in the surrounding area. She actually noticed the restaurant much earlier in the day and commented that we should try it again. I knew that Allyn’s had a good beer selection and that was exactly what I was looking for to help unwind.

While looking over the menu I enjoyed a Bell’s Two Hearted Ale. The menu is a mix of mostly Mexican and Cajun choices with a few other “thangs” thrown in. I was in the mood for Mexican food, so I quickly decided on the chimichanga with chicken. Once that decision was made, my wife and I agreed that she should order something from the Cajun side so we could share both meals. Eventually we settled on the chicken and sausage jambalaya. This was served with a house dinner salad and we wisely chose the creamy jalapeno, which turned out to be delicious!

House Dinner Salad

As far as the entrees go, I was really happy with our choices. First the chimichanga was served with tasty sides of vegetarian black beans, Mexican rice, and refried beans. Though the sides weren’t large, I appreciated having a variety of good tasting items that were much better than the Don Pablo’s sides that I recently had. The chimichanga itself wasn’t as fried as I’ve had in other restaurants, but still good.  It was filled with plenty of pulled chicken and there was a nice sauce occupying the bottom of the entire plate.  I did not use the included salsa at all.

Chicken Chimichanga

After eating my half of the chimichanga plate, my wife and I switched platters. The chicken and sausage jambalaya was equally as good as the chimichanga. The spicy mix of shredded chicken and sliced sausage was mixed with rice and served in a wide rimmed bowl. Also served on the side of this dish was a large slice of corn bread, which we also liked. The serving sizes were large and we could not finish either plate. Our service was great, constantly refilling all the water we were using to put out the fire in our mouths. The restaurant itself was a little dark, but for dinner that isn’t a problem. If you are there during lunch, I would request the outdoor patio to take advantage of the bright summer days.

Chicken And Sausage Jambalaya

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  1. i always think i should like allyn’s but never do. just seems like a non-chain version of applebees with average food…and an odd atmosphere. but i know a lot of people that swear by it! :-)

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