With one week down in the Jenny Challenge, I have completed 28 miles. I am well on my way to finishing the full 100 by Christmas. My dad is nearly leading the way for all participants with 41.2 miles in the first week. He is winding down his training for the Rocket City Marathon in my birth town of Huntsville, Alabama. I’m thinking that he should shoot for 200 miles by Christmas.

I had bowling and a hockey game last night. Bowling was first and I had an alright night. My scores were 106, 103, and 114. I doubt my average of 113 moves down very much. My team has climbed into first place and should remain there after winning all three games last night. Next week is the last week, but I will have to miss it unfortunately. There is talk of another league starting up in February.

My hockey game didn’t go any better. I didn’t play particularly well after the Chipotle dinner and a couple of beers at the bowling alley. We actually played pretty well as a team and only lost by two goals, 5-3.

Finally, I had a couple of wins and a loss in last weekends fantasy football. In the winning leagues, I sit comfortably in third and fourth place and should make the playoffs in both. Unfortunately in the other league, the loss could cause me to miss the playoffs. I need the guy who took my spot to lose, and I need a win, for there to be any chance of making it. I am in sixth place in both pick’em games, so those aren’t looking too promising either.

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