This past Sunday my wife and I ventured out of the house for breakfast.  We still had a Groupon to use at Breakfast on Broadway so we drove that way again.  We arrived to find a line out the door and decided to walk over to Bites, a newer cafe that we had noticed a few times before.  It’s only a block or so north on Broadway, so the walk was simple.  We arrived at Bites to find it halfway full.  After quickly glancing at a menu we decided to grab a table for the two of us. 

Biscuit And Gravy


We both started with a chai latte, which came served in a pint glass.  I enjoyed the drink very much, but my wife thought it could have been hotter.  When her chai gets too cool, she doesn’t enjoy it anymore, and she wasn’t able to finish the entire thing.  We both decided to order items from the specials, not from the menu.  I ordered the biscuits and gravy while she ordered the pumpkin and walnut pancakes.  She also added a couple of eggs while I also chose an order of the rosemary potatoes. 

Rosemary Potatoes


Overall, the food was very good.  I could immediately tell that the biscuit was baked from scratch, and it tasted wonderful.  The accompanying sausage gravy was also very good with nearly enough spice for me.  I added a little Cholula (as seen in the first photo) to spice it up even more.  The rosemary potatoes were also quite delicious, but weren’t served as hot as I would have liked.  My wife’s pancakes were also very good and didn’t even need to have any maple syrup added to them.  We will definitely be back to try more of their delicious food. 

Pumpkin And Walnut Pancakes


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