I recently kegged my third batch of homebrew.  This is an American style Pale Ale that I brewed on March 14th.  I then let it ferment from that day all the way until this past Saturday, April 17th.  So it sat for over a month, which may have helped increase the alcohol content.  In the past, I’ve struggled to get the final gravity as low as they recipe said it should be.  However, this time it started at 1.051 and went all the way down to 1.012.  That equates to 5.11% ABV making it my strongest beer yet!

I poured a small sample of the beer last night, and it tasted a little bitter but overall pretty mellow.  It definitely still needs some carbonation, so I’ll continue rocking the keg and letting it sit connected to the CO2 tank and hopefully it will be tasting great by this coming weekend.  I would have liked for it to be ready for a gathering at our house tonight, but I don’t think it’s quite there yet.  Though I may dish out a few samples anyway.  Since the kegging day was the day between my dad and my brother’s birthdays I am calling it Fabro Pale Ale, the combination of Father and Brother.

5 Responses to “Fabro Pale Ale”
  1. Claire says:

    hah! I like it! I want a taste :) don’t forget about our last day in Arizona! waiting for pictures to finish the dvd!

  2. Corey says:

    Nice! Wish I was around to try some. I’ve always wanted to brew a batch.

  3. edpaffsr says:

    i guess fabro sounds better than brofa :)

    you may need to bottle some up and bring it back with you the next time you are in town…

  4. Oh you kegged it. That is different.
    What temperature is it at?

    If you are using the boxed kits, they rarely attenuate out to the specs.


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