Friday night, after I had arrived back in Denver, Kim and I stopped for some dinner on the way home from the airport.  Initially we had plans to eat out near the airport, but after a delayed flight and little traffic on the highways, we ventured closer to home.  Our destination was Pete’s Central One, which we have dined at a time or two before.  I remembered that the Greek food was great, and that the little neighborhood spot would be just what we wanted for the night.  The tables are definitely close to each other, but I think that helps bring all the regulars together in a big conversation that often fills the restaurant.

We decided to split some hummus for an appetizer, which quickly arrived with warm pita slices.  I also decided to order the chicken kabob, which came with a side of tasty rice, and some vegetables.  Also served with it was a small cup of Avgolemono soup and a dinner salad as well.  It is a ton of food and it is all so good!  With a little of Kim’s help I was able to eat nearly all the dinner plate and even had room for a couple of Ouzo shots.  The manager of the restaurant is famous for giving away free shots of Ouzo after you have finished your meal.  If you stay long enough, we found out that he will keep pouring them for you too.  Dining at Pete’s is always a great experience and I’m sure we’ll be back soon.

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