I installed a home security system into the house last night from SimpliSafe. We had always tossed around the idea of having a system installed, but were put off from the high costs associated with companies like ADT or Brinks. When I first read about SimpliSafe, I was immediately impressed not only with the low cost, but also with the ease of customizing/expanding the system and the simple look of the system. The setup couldn’t have been easier with the great setup guide on the computer and the wonderfully wireless components already equipped with sticky tape. And any time I’ve run into a question or issue, their customer service has been top notch responding almost immediately and doing everything possible to please. I am highly impressed with everything so far and I would definitely recommend this system.

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  1. Charles says:

    This is a highly affordable, easy-to-install and quality security system. Although marketed for apartment dwellers, I bought it for our three bedroom, two story home and could not be happier. The motion detectors work great and “overlook” the antics of our six (count ’em) cats. My full review is on Amazon.

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