After losing a game last week, my adult hockey team is back on the winning side after this weeks game. We are no longer solely in last place, and are now tied for last with our 2-9 record. We beat a team that is barely ahead of us in the standings, 6-5. Though I didn’t score a goal, I added at least one assist to my stats and our line was really playing well. We accounted for at least half of the goals and were really able to work the puck around.

Things are not looking as good for my fantasy football team, in fact my season is officially over. The playoffs start this week and I definitely missed out with my last place finish in the league. All of this after I thought I drafted one of my best teams in years. I blame it on poor performances and injuries. Sounds like the Bengals, huh? At least the UC Bearcats are giving Cincinnati something to cheer about with their first Big East title and BCS Bowl Bid!

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    damnit paff, lets make this happen.

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