For her birthday I got Kim and I tickets to see A Christmas Carol on it’s opening night at the Denver Center for Performing Arts, which was last night. I thought the play was wonderfully done, and the very intimate Stage Theater was a great place to see it even from the very last row. I’m sure everyone knows the play, so I won’t go into a recap of it, but this is definitely worth seeing for anyone in the Denver area.

Prior to the play, we had dinner at the nearby Corner Office, a restaurant and martini bar. For starters we both ordered from the martini menu. I had the paper shredder which was Jim Beam (though online says Knob Creek), fresh ginger, and ginger ale. Kim had one of the holiday selections which involved spiced apple cider, cranberry, and rum as best I can remember. For dinner I had the orange chicken which was served in a traditional Chinese takeout-like container. Kim ordered the tonkatsu salad, which was panko crusted chicken breast and sesame soy dressing served over a standard salad mix. I thoroughly enjoyed all of what we ordered and would love to return to the restaurant in the future to try even more.

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2 Responses to “Bah Humbug”
  1. Todd James says:

    Hey Ed thats a bunch of bullcrap they screwed you over with that swill Jim Beam over Knob Creek. I would have been pissed. I guarantee you also that the “fresh ginger” was processed in some Detroit slaughter house and came in a can. I GUARANTEE YOU !! ..

    Im fired up, baby !! ..

    Paper Shredder ?? … They should have called it the Paper Shafter …

    Be Good


  2. edpaffjr says:

    Had I known, I would have definitely requested the Knob Creek. Luckily Kim’s dad has a bottle of it that we’ve been enjoying over the weekend.

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