Good Fellows has been operating in the Anderson Towne Center since 2004. I’m in the area at least one a month and often pass by but had never walked inside until my family and I were in the area at lunch time. It always looked so dark from the outside I assumed it was more of a bar than a restaurant. But it turns out they are open for dinner every day of the week and lunch on the weekends.


We were seated near one of the front windows and there was actually a surprising amount of natural light entering the space. I think that the red walls and dark ceiling make it look much darker from the outside than it truly feels inside.


After placing our orders, we found a few games between our table and the entrance to help pass the time. A couple of arcade games were available, but the Foosball table proved to be the most fun!


One of our kids is a pretty picky eater and unfortunately decided he didn’t want pizza. We ended up with the Italian cheese stix with the sauce on the side ($5.99). I would have preferred one of other appetizers such as the pepperoni balls or the veggie skins, but these weren’t bad.

Italian Cheese Stix

My wife and I decided to try a couple of the signature pizza offerings but splitting the pizza in half. Louis’s love features olive oil, fresh garlic, artichoke hearts, banana peppers, black olives, and goat cheese. While the BBQ Grippo is topped with BBQ sauce, chicken, bacon, onion, cheese, and BBQ Grippos chips. Both were $10.49 for a 10 inch all the way up to $20.99 for 16 inches.


I love BBQ Grippos and that half was an easy decision for us. I thought the Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce complimented the spicier chip topping really well. This is a must try! Louis’s love was much different, a more traditional pizza combination and was also good. Good Fellows has a couple of other unique signature pizzas include lemon pepper chicken and chicken fajita. Overall the food was good, service was quick and friendly, and the value was just right.

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