The Wicked Hickory food truck has been serving up smoked meats for at least a couple of years. Their menu is unique in the way that their meats (pork, brisket, and chicken) are served. Once you settle on your meat you pick the style from the choice of bun, tacos, pita, BBQ bowl, or nachos. And then you pick the toppings with choices like southern slaw, picnic slaw, island slaw, wicked style, or Texas style.


I ordered the pork BBQ bowl style ($9), which means the pork was served over red beans and rice. I also picked island slaw for the topping, which combines pineapple, jalapenos, cabbage, and cilantro. This was really good and even with all of the toppings I could still taste a bit of a nice smoky flavor in the pork. The beans, rice, and pineapple all worked really well together.

Pork BBQ Bowl

I also ordered the chicken tacos for my wife ($9 for 2). This was ordered topped with southern slaw that featured cider vinegar, cabbage, and carrot. This was also a solid choice, but overall I preferred the pork to the chicken. Smoked chicken tends to be a little dryer, so the wet cider vinegar was a good topping to compliment and the flavors combined well. This one needed a little extra sauce to truly bring it all together.

Chicken Tacos

Wicked Hickory has solid smoked meats, which are essential for any BBQ spot. And the creativity they have put into their menu offerings helps to distinguish them from other BBQ restaurants.

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