Recently we’ve had a few events downtown where we relied on a cab to get home. A couple of weeks ago I signed up for the new to Cincinnati service called Uber. We have now taken two rides home in their UberBLACK line of cars and have had such a wonderful experience both times. This services uses high-end sedans so that you arrive in style at your destination.

Gone are the days of standing on the curb trying to flag down a cab. With Uber you use an app on your smart phone when you are ready for a ride. The app will tell you approximately how long it will be before you can get a ride, and when you tell the app where you are going you get a price quote for the trip. The app also stores your credit card number in it, so when you arrive at your destination you can just get out of the car. The driver’s tip is already included in the fare, so there is no need to exchange any money.

If you’d like to give Uber a try for yourself, you can earn a $20 credit by using my code, vpoxe, when signing up.  Or just simply click my link and start the sign up process today. I think you will like it.

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