Over the weekend an amazing event took place in Over-the-Rhine. LumenoCity was put on by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and combined their live music with mind-blowing visual elements being projected onto the exterior of Music Hall. The newly renovated Washington Park served as the primary seating area for the free and open to the public performance.

Music Hall

Music Hall

Though other commitments kept me from attending one of the two performances, I was able to catch a glimpse of some of the elements during the days leading up to the weekend. From what I’ve heard from numerous friends who were in attendance, it was an amazing event and one that I will be sure not to miss if done again in the future. CityBeat published a great article about the event and the progress in Cincinnati over the last few years.

3 Responses to “LumenoCity”
  1. Icky Woods says:

    The only thing more boring than attending this performance is reading about it…. sheesh. Place looks packed though, was it a sell out?

  2. Jimmy Iovine says:

    people standing on the balconies of their “urban lofts” doesn’t count as attentding the performance. Whens the duckfood reunion i’ve been hearing so much about? Something about Columbus in September?

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