Last Monday I finally got around to using a Groupon to Goodies Southern Style BBQ that was expiring later in the week. Since we were coming from opposite sides of town, my wife and I agreed to meet at the restaurant around 6:30 PM. The restaurant is not easily identifiable, especially when coming from the north on Hamilton Avenue, and parking is not really well-defined either. I followed a couple of other cars and parked in what I would assume is the neighboring strip mall parking lot.

Once I exited the car I could smell the pleasant scent of the wood fired smokers that were in use at the rear of the restaurant. I grabbed my two-year-old son out of his car-seat and entered the restaurant with my wife. Unfortunately a much less pleasing smoke smell greeted us immediately upon opening the door and later stuck to our clothes after we had left. It seems as though the kitchen may be lacking a proper ventilation system.



A line had already formed at the counter where orders are placed, and there wasn’t an employee in sight. Eventually an employee appeared from the back kitchen area to take the first couples order. After each order was placed she would then run back into the kitchen to help assemble the order. So this process took a little while before I was actually able to get my order in.

The Groupon was a BBQ sampler for two and it was supposed to offer each diner one sandwich, a side of coleslaw, fries, and a can of soda. Sandwich choices were to include smoked turkey, smoked ham, smoked sausage, pulled pork, and beef brisket. When it was finally my turn to order I was told that they were out of pulled pork and that my choices were smoked turkey, smoked ham, and brisket. I was counting on the pulled pork, so it was very disappointing that it was gone with over two hours left before closing time.

BBQ Sampler

BBQ Sampler

Since neither my wife or I would eat the brisket, I ordered one each of the turkey and ham. I was also told that the fryer was down so we would have to pick a different side. I went with macaroni and cheese. The smoked ham sandwich (normally $4.19) was topped with their mild BBQ sauce. I didn’t get any smoke flavors from the meat and found the sandwich to be a bit on the small side. The sauce was tangy and appeared to be a vinegar based sauce. The coleslaw ($1.80) was very runny and didn’t appear to be fresh. The macaroni and cheese may have been the best part of the meal, and it wasn’t that great.

Smoked Turkey Sandwich

Smoked Turkey Sandwich

The turkey sandwich ($4.19) was better than the ham, but still lacked any smoke flavor. It came topped with their other available sauce that was spicier than the mild but still vinegar based. We also ordered a couple of pieces of cornbread ($.60 each) that were easily the best deal of the meal. The dense and dry bread wasn’t great, but compared to the rest of the food it seemed most on par with what I would expect from a southern style BBQ restaurant.

All of our food was served on Styrofoam containers and our only utensils were plastic. There are only a few tables for dining in and it was almost expected that everyone was taking their orders to go. I’m afraid I can’t say many good things about Goodies Southern Style BBQ. There is no way I will be back with so many other great BBQ options in town.

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3 Responses to “Goodies Southern Style BBQ”
  1. jo says:

    I can say that Goodies use to be great !!!!!!! I went there every friday after work to get the whole rib!!!! The last time it looked like they had kept some of the bomes and the rest were burned ansd the rest half raw it was a mess! some times we would go for lunch greens or sauce was missing we would have to call back an tell them. Today a friend went an got our lunch lol it was in a brown bag in a paper boat an a pice of paper wax was on the sauce everywhere I think the man is drunk cooking the ribs from one extrem to the other. Bring back the old man that use to BBq

  2. Stephen L. Jones, Jr. says:

    I am sorry to hear of your less than stellar visit. I am actually married to the founder of Goodie’s BBQ youngest daughter. It used to be a fantastic place to eat but with poor customer service and a lack of consistency in the food products since “Mr Goodie” gave control of the business to his oldest daugther, I’ve seen many reviews like yours. It has since closed and reopened in Mt Healthy on the corner of Hamilton and Kenny now operated by Mr Goodie’s son. I would say that it is worse than before, especially the customer service and wait times. The lone bright spot is that Mr. Goodie mans the grill full time and the meat form there is phenomenal.

  3. VHamp says:

    I’ve visited the Mt.Healthy location the night that I went my order was all wrong, my husband and I got home and food was missing the greens were running in the bottom of the bag from not being properly packed, I was so upset I went back though and I mean I was heated I wanted my money back and I was going to gave a very bad review,but when I can in I happen to ask a young gentleman and he was a gentleman if he known the owner and he was the owner,I explained to him my concerns and he made everything “GOOD”,all of my food was made over again and it was fresh so I must say that for my family that have a customer for as long as they keep up the “GOOD” work GOODIES

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