Last Wednesday my wife and I met at Andy’s Mediterranean Grille for dinner. I had a coupon from LivingSocial that was basically a $40 gift card after paying $20 for it months ago. I had made a reservation online, but found the restaurant mostly empty upon arrival. My wife actually arrived first and was seated a table in a secondary dining area that may have once been an outdoor area. There were two other occupied tables nearby, and just a couple of other people in the first main room of the restaurant and bar area.

Empty Restaurant

To get things started we ordered the Mediterranean Sampler ($12) of hummus, baba ghannouj, labneh, tabouli & olives (though we asked to substitute the olives for an additional serving of hummus. Looking at the plate we were served I do think we got the double serving of hummus, but I didn’t realize it until now that we didn’t get any baba ghannouj. Bummer! The dish was served with a large basket of warm pita bread. I though that the hummus was pretty standard, still good, but the tabouli was better than any I’ve had before.

Mediterranean Sampler

For dinner I ordered the Shish Tawook ($16), four skewers of marinated & charbroiled chicken breast served on a bed of rice. The chicken had a lot of lemon flavor, which must be a big component of the marinade. Fortunately I had some of the appetizer left to balance the flavor better. The chicken itself was well cooked, juicy and charred on the outside. Four skewers is more than I could eat in on sitting, but the price still seemed a little high for what was served.

Shish Tawook

My wife ordered the Falafel Platter ($16) which provided a large serving of falafel along with a vegetable salad and some yogurt sauce. I stole more than a couple of bites and liked the falafel flavors more than the chicken spice blend. The falafel itself is disc shaped rather than more commonly seen ball. Again we could not eat the entire plate of food, but the price seems very high for a dish that is typically very cheap to prepare.

Falafel Platter

We both enjoyed the food and were happy to finally find a Mediterranean spot in Cincinnati, but with the high prices I don’t know that we will be back. Or if we do I’m sure it will be with a coupon of some sort. I never though of Mediterranean to be an expensive meal, but Andy’s proves that it can be. Had the prices been lower I would have had very few things to complain about. But as is I find it hard to recommend to anyone even if it was a tasty meal.

Fun For All Ages

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