My last stop on our food tour of the western Cleveland suburbs came on our last night in town. After hanging out at Merry Arts for a good chunk of the afternoon, none of us really were in the mood to drive the three or four hours home. So my family and I reserved a few hotel rooms, picked up some beer, and ordered pizza from Pizza By Robert. There were actually a couple of other places that we considered but we decided on this shop based on favorable online reviews.

Half Sheet Of Pizza

We all agreed on pepperoni and mushroom for our toppings and decided to order the biggest pizza available, the half sheet. This 24 slice monster is enough food to feed an entire family, and it did the job perfectly for us. The sauce that they used was traditional and very tasty. The cheese was also good and toppings were piled on high. It only cost $22.15, which seemed like a great price for the large amount of quality pie.

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